Destination Wedding Cinematography Based in Key West Florida

Frequently Asked Questions

What would you say is your primary style?
Cinematic, Artsy, Romantic.

What is your personal background?
I am a painter/visual artist and I love to make films.  I have been self taught since a young age in videography and photography.  I love weddings and being a part of these moments and memories, and capturing them on film.

Would you be able to meet with us in person to discuss details before the wedding? 
Yes, we can meet at my studio or possibly at the wedding venue.

Where will the video be posted online?
Your 3-5 minute wedding highlight video will be posted online and available for you to view and share on . The 15-25 second Instagram clips can be viewed on or through the Instagram app @markjpiersonfilms.
How long until we receive our edited video?
It takes 6-8 weeks for the Highlight videos and Archival Edits to be online. We also offer quick turn arounds - under two weeks for an additional $300 and under a week for an additional $600.
What is the cost?
Rates vary from $1750- $4650 depending on the package you select.
Can I decide what music/song choices are used in my film? 
Definitely! We encourage all of our clients to send a list of music that is important to them and will be used throughout the wedding day so we can incorporate it into their archival videos. For the highlight videos we will only use music that is licensed to avoid any issues with copyrighted music. You can request access to our licensed music libraries once you've booked your video package if you prefer to select your own music.

Watch the video below to get the full scoop on music in your wedding video.  
What is the time frame we will have you filming on the wedding day?
I prefer 2 videographers for at least 6 hours to capture the full story of a wedding but this varies depending on the package. The typical time frame is around 6 hours and the start time is about 1. 5- 2 hours before your ceremony, similar to the photographer's timeline. This allows us to capture the "getting ready" moments, the entire ceremony, the formal dances/toasts and the beginning of the reception. However, you are able to choose the start & end time that works best with your wedding day timeline. We also offer smaller 4 hour packages which are recommended for intimate wedding celebrations.

How does the billing work?

To secure a date within 3 months of the booking date a 50% deposit is required with a signed contract. To secure a date outside of 3 months of booking a $250 - $500 deposit is required (depending on the package) with a signed contract. Final payment is due 1 week before the day of the wedding. Checks are made payable to Wonder Studios Key West LLC and Visa and MC are accepted.

Do you offer discounts for weekday or off season weddings?
In addition to shooting weddings, we operate a full time marketing production and design company. Check us out here --> While we’re always happy for a day spent with newlyweds, we do not offer discounts for weekday or off-season weddings.

Can you explain how you film and are involved on the day of the wedding?
I film in the background for the most part, the photographer usually takes the lead. I may occasionally ask you to 'hold' or repeat something with minimal interference. Otherwise we are able to find the small moments, emotions and love that is everywhere on wedding days.

Do you have any other events/weddings the day of our wedding? Have you filmed multiple weddings at a time?
We have filmed multiple weddings at a time. We can shoot up to 3 weddings per weekend, but this is rare.

How many cameras will you be using?
You would have 2-3 cameras on your wedding, depending on the package.

Will you be the one actually filming at our wedding?
There are 4 videographers that work with me.  I am the lead and then I make the final decisions and edits to your highlight films. Typically there are 2 videographers per wedding.

I love the look of aerial footage in other wedding videos. How can we incorporate that look into our wedding videos?
We have 2 options for incorporating drone footage into your wedding videos. One option incorporates stock footage from previous shoots into your edit. This is a flat rate video enhancement option - depending on the venue and availability - contact us for pricing. The other option is to add a FAA Liscensed Drone Operator to your package to capture footage specifically from your wedding day. Rates vary based on wedding venue location and proximity to the airport, naval base, etc. Aerial footage is NOT available for all venues in Key West. The air space is very small and no-fly-zones are plentiful. Let us know if this is something you're interested in!

Can I see a proof of the final video?
Your archival video will be all of the footage from the day with minimal edits. You will be receiving all of the footage so no review is necessary. The highlight video will be online for your review.  Additional changes to the highlight video will be @ $150 per hour. If changes are required, changes typically take 1-2 hours.  

How long will my archival video be?
This is dependent upon how long we are there to film. For our 6 hour package, couples are getting about 1+ hour or so Archival Videos. The cameras are not rolling continuously. The archival is a compilation of all the usable footage from the day with music underneath. It is not a final edit cut to music with filters, after effects, etc. For a fully edited archival, an additional hourly charge will apply and this needs to be discussed with the team before the wedding day.

Can you tell me more about the sound in the film?
Sound is very important. All packages come with one lav mic on the officiant during the ceremony. We can add another on the groom, and then all cameras have mini shotgun mics as well. Most footage from the day will be set to music. We can also pre record your vows if you are writing them. Note that the microphone we provide will not amplify the wearer's voice, it will only serve to record their audio for use in your wedding videos.

What is your philosophy/passion about videography, especially weddings?
Making movies has been my passion since a very early age. There is nothing quite as moving and encapsulating emotionally, as a great film. We combine this base idea with our love of couples and acts of love. We bring our varied experiences and artistic eye to your wedding day - and we shoot it as if it were our own.  This is a momentous day for all involved. We are focused and attentive, looking for small moments, magic, and various ways to capture your wedding.  

Are there photographers that you have worked well with on previous weddings?
I have worked with many of the photographers in town and we are able to work with whomever you choose. If you need a recommendation, I can let you know about a few of our preferred photographers.