Destination Wedding Cinematography Based in Key West Florida
Video Enhancements

Guest Messages

Elina and Chase from our 2019 Season opted to add on guest messages to their video package and we love the funny, sweet and heartfelt messages we captured. 

How It Works: 
A camera is set up during the reception or cocktail hour with a lav microphone provided to each interviewee to crisply capture their audio. 

The Cost: 
$400 for a 2 hour set up (timing can be split up to ensure as many guests as possible can speak)

Aerial Footage

Aerial footage is a spectacular way to capture your wedding venue from a bird's eye view. Wow your friends and family and create a magnificent feel for your highlight videos.

How It Works:
A separate camera operator is brought in to fly the drone typically just before ceremony. Specific requests can be accommodated on a case by case basis.

The Cost:
$650 - $1500 per hr Aerial/Drone Footage *1 hour min.*
based on proximity to airport & naval base
(No-Fly-Zone restrictions may limit this video enhancement in some venues; Ask us for more details.)
I love the look of aerial footage in other wedding videos. How can we incorporate that look into our wedding videos?
We have 2 options for incorporating drone footage into your wedding videos. One option incorporates stock footage from previous shoots into your edit. This is a flat rate video enhancement option - depending on the venue and availability - contact us for pricing. The other option is to add a FAA Liscensed Drone Operator to your package to capture footage specifically from your wedding day. Rates vary based on wedding venue location and proximity to the airport, naval base, etc. Aerial footage is NOT available for all venues in Key West. The air space is very small and no-fly-zones are plentiful. Let us know if this is something you're interested in!